Retirement Resources can meet your needs, large or small. Most employers opt for the full-service Retire With More® Process, because all elements of plan management are so interrelated that it makes sense to follow a holistic approach. However, if your plan has more limited needs, our services are available on an unbundled basis - as much or as little as you need.


  • Enrollment
    • We work with you to create custom education and communications campaigns to help employees understand the value of the retirement benefit and the importance of participating in the plan

  • Contributions
    • To enjoy a secure retirement, participants must make adequate contributions
    • We design campaigns to help employees understand this and motivate them to take constructive action

  • Investment allocations
    • Appropriate investment allocations are critical to achieving retirement readiness
    • We educate employees about risk (market risk and longevity risk) and engage them in profiling exercises to help them select the right investment mix for their needs and temperament

  • Persistence
    • Bailing-out of the market during periods of decline can have devastating consequences
    • We execute proactive communications campaigns, and handhold employees during rough markets, to help them think and act in more productive ways. Themes:
      • "Stocks on sale" - a good thing
      • Bear Markets make your share balance grow more quickly
      • "Can't make money buying high and selling low"


  • Plan architecture
    • We help you understand your design and platform options, and to implement changes as appropriate

  • Workload
    • We help you gain efficiencies to free up valuable resources

  • Costs
    • It's not only a fiduciary obligation, but it's sound business to understand all of your plan's costs and services received
    • We can help you analyze these elements, benchmark the results, and improve costs as appropriate

  • Improve risk/return profile
    • Sponsoring a plan brings certain inherent risks, but they can be tightly managed and mitigated
    • We help to implement prudent processes for the plan's investments and other operations
    • We provide on-going fiduciary education, help to craft carefully-worded policies, perform detailed independent reviews, and we meticulously document the whole process
    • This diligence should improve results while reducing risk

  • Special projects
    • Encompassing any aspect of plan operation, including: fee analysis and reasonableness determinations, provider evaluations, fiduciary education, best practice implementation, investment advice, problem solving, etc.
    • We develop custom employee communications campaigns that deliver relevant information in a way that connects with your employees